Blessed be your name…

Every blessing you pour out
I’ll turn back to praise
When the darkness closes in Lord
Still I will say…
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be your name
Blessed be the name of the Lord
Blessed be your glorious name


Hola, we are back after not being to write a main blog post for a few days. Hopefully you were still able to keep up using the comment sections.
There is so much to say but I really want your students to share the details with you.
First let me say that we were hit hard yesterday when starting building day two.


One of the families had lost their baby around midnight before we arrived. The family pulled aside a student and let them know what had happened.
Quickly all the teams gathered together with the family to pray. The baby was still in the room covered by blankets. After lots of crying, praying, singing, and scripture reading the Mother wanted to bless us by showing us her baby. He was beautiful and looked so peaceful. As you can imagine this was hard on everyone. But we were comforted by the peace knowing the baby was in the arms of our Savior. Throughout the day we all checked in with the family spending extra time loving on them and praying over them. If there ever was a time to be proud of your child, this was it. Your children loved on others, wept with strangers, prayed boldly out loud, and sang hymns with all their hearts.


Today was dedication day. We were able to present the homes to each family along with gifts we brought them. After distributing the gifts, each person shared a personal story with the family. The gospel was presented and PRAISE THE LORD every family excepted Christ as their Lord. The power of prayer and Christ’s love was so evident today.










Tomorrow we are heading to Antigua for a fun day of shopping and sight seeing. McDonalds has never sounded so good!

Praise/Prayer requests

1. Pray for Greg as he has come down with the stomach bug that is going around our team. He is feeling better after staying back and resting today.
2. Pray for Luke as he is showing symptoms of the same this but less severe.
3. PRAISE Ali is back and feeling 100%.
4. Pray for Cameron as he has been battling poison ivy since arriving and its annoying and super itchy. We are trying all sorts of remedies to relieve his itch. Today it is looking much better.
5. Pray for all of us after a hard last two days in the village with the family of baby who passed away. Pray we process this and still praise God through it all
6. Pray for safe travels tomorrow on shopping day.

Until the whole world hears…
Team Wellspring

2nd Medical clinic

IMG_6155 IMG_6143IMG_6172

Good morning. Sleeping in until 8:30am seems like most of the day is gone after the last few mornings!
We had such a memorable time at our first medical clinic. The roads we were on would have sent most people into a panic attack, thankfully that did not happen to anyone on our team. To call the it a road even would be an understatement.


We were able to spend time playing with the children of the village as their parents were in the medical clinic being seen by the nurses.
Parents I want to say I am so blessed to be on this team with your students. Watching their boldness last night was so humbling.
Seeing them lay hands on the adults from the village and pray for their salvation was precious.
Most of the families accepted Christ last night.
Three members of our team shared their testimonies to the village after the Jesus film.


Today we are heading into another another village for a medical clinic. this one is not as far away nor are the roads as bad. The team is all thankful for that.


We have a few prayer requests
1. Travel to be uneventful
2. Alli R seems to have come down with something. Slight fever, nausea and vomiting. She is in great spirits but hates to miss todays medicla clinic. we are having one female leader stay behind and nurse her back to health.
3. Sierra W. has a swollen eye lid. its not itchy or draining but slightly painful.
4. Pray for continued unity in our group.




IMG_6135 IMG_6133 IMG_6132


Preparing for our Medical clinic

We are all happy we were able to sleep in this morning..oh wait…if you call sleeping in 6:30am!
Actually everyone is doing great with the early mornings. Don;t let your children fool you then function fine at 5:30am.

Today’s agenda is breakfast, personal devotions, getting ready for the day, preparing meds for the clinic, group devotions, lunch and then head out to the village.
The students are so looking forward to this day. We heard last night that this village has a soccer field, so you know there will be a lot of that going on.

We probably will not return from the clinic until late tonight so we will update when tomorrow morning!
Again pray for our travels as we are heading to a coastal village today.
Also pray for good health and unity within our group.
Most importantly pray that the village we are visiting is open to the Gospel and is ready to have Jesus as Lord of their lives.

Last night we had a few hours of down time where we enjoyed intense card games, ninja, dancing in the rain, hair braiding, just fun fellowship.

House building was a team effort

We are home from our first building day. Praise God again for another day of uneventful travel.
The Lord has been so good to us and has kept everyone healthy. Which is such a huge answer to prayer as a few team members have dietary issues.






We completed most of the construction on 5 homes. We still have roofs, paint, and stucco to go. Today God really used this project to build team unity. There was one house that was a little … a more than a little… behind and people from others teams stepped up and helped out. This was great as it reminded us that we are all parts of one body.





Meeting the families we are building houses for was awesome. So many of the teen boys jumped right in to help. The little kids were either standing by with giant smiles watching or picking up screws that fell on the ground and give them to us. They loved the high fives they would get each time they helped out.





Tomorrow we head out to our first medical clinic. The students are so excited to have time to just play with the kids. We have toys candy, balls and nail polish and more.
Pray for us as we will be playing the Jesus film and sharing the Gospel at the end of the clinic. Pray that they will receive Christ in their hearts.


Our first building day.

Good morning. Its about 5:30am. we are up, getting ready and eating a breakfast of eggs, beans and fruit.
We all slept well last night after a very sweet time of praising the Lord with our voices in song and digging deeper into his word. There is truly no better way to fall asleep at night.
Today we are heading to a village to start our first of 2 building days. Please continue to pray for our travels today. Pray for our health, we are all doing well right now!

Pray for the families as we meet them for the first time today. Pray they will see Jesus in our actions. Pray that their eyes will be open and hearts softened towards the gospel.

Hola from Guatemala

We are here and doing well. We just arrived on the base and are our unloading our bags! The Lord was very gracious to us and allowed our travel time to be uneventful! We had good conversations while waiting and flying. Our drive to the base was smooth.. okay it was bumpy…but everyone did well and no one got sick. Later today the kids will be able to visit the orphanage on base and have some free time to bond and play games. Feel free to comment here or on each persons personal page! We really appreciate your prayers!